Helicopter Fatigue Test - Great Stuff!!


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Ok here is some more good stuff for you guys.

Helicopter fatigue test. This is what you do. It’s mainly for stretching and hanging . After you complete each set on hanging or stretching . Grip you penis at the base with a fist. Hand parallel with the floor. And twirl your dick like a helicopter. If it stretches out pretty long and feels loose like a loose rubber band then you are not fatigued yet.

If it does not stretch out and stays together and does not really extend to make a helicopter twirl very easy you are fatigued, that’s when you should do 1-2 more sets or start your warm down (if you believe in that) then stop. This works great. It is also good for getting the blood flow moving again and restores circulation. It feels damn good to after getting that flipping hanger off my dick, :D.
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Av been doing this for ages.
Its nuthing new....their called Helishakes if I remember correctly?? They work real well at restoring circulation and getting blood flow going in the flaccid penis.
Do them whenever you goto the loo.