Heeeerrrreeesss Johny


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Nov 16, 2003
Hello to all you fellow Penis Enlargement members out there.

Im new to the whole Penis Enlargement scene but hope to oneday be the member with the greatest gains of all time, that is my goal.
I have scouted the scene for awhile now and think im ready to begin. Im going to start off with two weeks of DLD's Newbie routine (kinda changed though) and see how I am at that stage.
Currently: EL 6.5"
not sure of the other measurements but will post back in 2 weeks with progress. Along with my pics.

I aim to be EL10-11" and girth 8", I beleive I can make it as i'll work harder then all to get there.

I hope i'll be half as successfull as some of you, and if you think my aims are too high, I beleive you gotts aim high. :)

Goodluck to you all


PS Can anybody give me advice on a great routine to strengthen the PC muscle, this is a BIG Problem for me. Any help would be appreciated.


Jun 29, 2003
Welcome Jolongbottom, With hard work and dedication you could relize your goals. Good luck in your Penis Enlargement Adventure.
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