Having fun at work? ;-)



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Sep 13, 2004
Just wondering how many of you guys out there felt horny at work?? I feel horny at work pretty often and most of the times really dont know what to do about it! Sometimes I chat or come to this forum but that makes matters worse since it makes me even more hot and increases the bulge in my pants! I dont like the idea of shooting my load in the restroom so sometimes I have to wait till the end of the day when all my colleagues have left so that I can unzip and stroke myself! I have shot myself many a times at work below my desk after work hours mostly into some tissues but sometimes on the carpet too!! But sometimes the feelings gets too much for me to wait till the end of the day!! So what do all of you experienced guys out there suggest I should do! Also do let me know about your "feeling hot at work" experiences!!


Apr 14, 2004
i used to have a fumble or two with some girls where i work during our breaks, i work at a supermarket, we used to go into the disabled toilets and have a quickie.


Sep 12, 2004
Be careful. I felt the same way at the place I worked at for 9 years. I used to be able to wait till I got home but the last 3 years I would just go and beat off in the bathroom. Some times I would beat off on break in my car. I almost got caught one time. It was raining and I thought no one would be out that far in the parking lot with out them running and me seeing them. I stroked it for about 5 minutes and still didnt move my arm much just in case. I came huge and just as I was cleaning up, 3 parking spaces from me a big truck cranked up and pulled out! I just knew I was caught and Ild have to quit and move out of town. Think of the embarassment. I knew for a fact the cars and trucks in the area I was in were empty as I checked before hand. Where this women came from is still beyond me. If she saw anything , I dont know. Surely after 5 years if anything was told Ild find out from someone. Who knows?
Another time before that, I was just about to pull out my dick and jack off, and my friend out of no where, was standing at my window and started talking. That one was close.
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