Have you retired from PE?

I don't know if i'll ever retire... once i meet my goals, i'll prolly just make a new one.


I got the feeling from talking to Supra that he more or less became satisfied with what he has. Not that it's not a bad size or anything, most guys would love to have what he does. I want a lot more than what he has though ;)

BIB , the hanger guru retired after meeting his goals.
I'm not sure if i've retired, or I'm on an extended break :s At times I think I would like to be thicker, but then I start wondering if it's worth the time. because I hit bottom, and it's not loose, just not quite as as I would like it to be. <:(


Ive sorta given up after too many failed attempts, Im now focusing on FR.
Supra said:
There is light at the end of the tunnel guys, you all can get there.
Yeah, but the light is a freight train!!! :O :O :O
LT :p :p


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TheExecutioner said:
Ive sorta given up after too many failed attempts, Im now focusing on FR.
You and me both man, I am glad that FR is paying off for you. It is truely one of a kind. My dick just gets hard just by thinking about having sex, never happend B4 FR. Also just by touching my penis I get hard so fast, cause it is so sensative. My skin has finally started covering the cornonal Ridge of my head when Flaccid. Big improvement
I hope to be able to be done Penis Enlargement'ing by the time my 22nd b-day roles around. Last time I measure I was a bit over 7" NBP, 8" BP, and 5.25" girth... My goal is to hit 8.25-8.50 NBP" and 6-6.25" girth....I'm sure I can manage that in 2 years time.
I'm retired like Michael Jordan. I'm satisfied for the time being and I'm enjoyin it but I'll probably be back like 2-3 times before I completely retire.


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I'll admit to too frequent slacking off, but hell no I haven't retired. I'm just beginning to really study the playbook and take the field. I have a long career ahead of me and I'm determined to put up some hall of fame stats. ;)

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