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At any given time of day, MoS has about twice the people actively using this site than at Thunders. The weird thing is that Thunders has twice the posts with half the people. People, get active and stop lurking. If your going to be here you might just as well contribute something.


mowinman you are so right! My whole thing next year is to be active as I can be and start sharing the knowledge. I've been lurking in tons of forums and groups for years, and I'm not hiding anymore. And I challenge the rest of the lurkers to speak up, or get out b/c everyone has had some type of knowledge they can impart to the masses of MOS. :blasting:

As I said on an earlier post I plan to post a series of tested knowledge of fitness, health, diet and supplement variety. Also, I plan to post a couple of articles in other sections.

So far here is what I will definitely be positing on...
- The law of attraction; a universal law for attracting or repelling things into and out of your life.
- The 4 horsemen of Fitness; the four principles that can instantly make you healthier by the next year's end.
- How just 6 x a day x 6 weeks - 3 groups = or < 30lbs. of fat lost.
- "Bounce a Quarter Off Your Butt" routine; self-explanatory.
- "Body by Tarzan" routine; get the classic V-shape and the jungle boy function strength
- The Voice of the Victim; "there are no victims in life, only volunteers."
- Grooming Boot Camp; basic training in appearance.
- Viking penis enlargement; a shocking method for forging a manhood as hard as a steel blade!
- Mind Whisperer, like the movie "the Horse Whisperer;" you will learn to break the wild horse-mind of yours into a partner you can ride into the sunset of life on.
- "Fire-starter" Health; things that melt the "Fat Bastard" into a "Lean Bastard."
- "The Mackinevil Experiment;" Like the "James Kennedy Experiment," yet I go out in the world and become a complete Mack through failure after funny failure.
- Become a Lead Dog, some alpha males are born and some have to be made.
- Warrior philosophies, philosophies that you can use to enhance your life.

And much more to come in 04'.:bottumsup


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I was wondering if there was something wrong with "who's online". It seems like a few days ago it went from a dozen or so people on at once to over three hundred at any given moment, and some of the people listed as being online there are listed as off-line in my PM friends list.
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Yeah, something is definitely screwy with the "Who's online". I ran Window Washer the other day after I logged off MoS which cleared out my cookies. Then the next day, over 20 hours later, I came back on as a guest because my cookies were cleared. Before I logged in, I looked at "Who's Online" and it said I still was. What's up with that?


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I AGREE....lurkers/guests PLEASE become members - its FREE and you are than part of the community and inputting instead of taking up bandwidth...you can help or be helped even, but please SAY SUMMUT :)
Also I think its time ALOT here started taking note....like goto
if you CAN NOT DONATE ....that plan by me is an answer..but I cant do it alone.
Move ya ass and get into gear thats a way to help lower bandwidth.
IT COSTS MONEY DOES BANDWIDTH....its SPACE.....WE...ALL of us can help...goto http://www.mattersofsize.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=3303 and READ....I myself am learning that piece of kit...but being alone SUX.
there is no way this forum is going to die, I wont allow it to! This forum is great, there's no restrictions on posting other websites (which is dumb), we got dld and the pay site is great. I have not been able to pay for it yet, but from what I have heard and seen about it, especially with all the videos on the excercises, it really defines what Penis Enlargement is. Penis Enlargement is still pretty new, and that is why its so important to have this great community helping each other and improving on it. think, last year we had jelqs and stretches , and were just trying new technigues. now we got new kinds of weights, advanced girth techniques, ER rings, and much more.


:D... Fuuuuuunny, that spam crack! I would tell you to go to hell, yet by the avator pic you are aready there!:blahblah:

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