Have you had/got any lumps, boils, bruise`s e.c.t on your dick while doing PE????



Hi guys

Just wondering if anyone has had any changes on there dick apart from increaesed length and girth.

Since starting Penis Enlargement properly I have got lumps (which is where hair is) on the foreskin over the glans, I think this is due to streching I doubt it is from jelqs .

If I didnt know any better I would think that these lumps were genital warts, and I know there not since havnt had any action in the last month anyways and lately have used condoms.

I think the lumps are getting bigger, could they be a boil?? I hope not cause they are supossed to hurt badly if they pop on your dick.

what should i do?

I really think its down to my streching workouts which are about 10-15 minutes long usally, I usally shake the blood flow into the glans after every 2nd strech (each strech about 30-60 secs)

thanks for all who reply :) :)
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