have any girls


not been excited about your large size or were scard and wouldnt have sex with you?


my girlfriend has not seen my original start size, so she hasn't questioned anything of like "how is it getting bigger?" etc, but she does like my length ..though she doesn't seem to even believe that i am 5" of girth..she thinks its smaller, so im guessing she isn't too excited about girth, but my length (7.5") is big enough for her..
My girl has told me several times that i don't need pe and that i'm big enough alot.
I've heard the same thing.

My girlfriend LOVES my new size. She never commented on it before I did Penis Enlargement(she actually called it thin once). Now she says it looks like a horse cock on a mouse's body(i'm a small person). Big confidence booster!
I've never had a girl say she didn't like the size, but I've only been with one girl since beginning Penis Enlargement. She has noticed the increased size, especially here lately, but hasn't yet confronted me about it. She mostly makes comments in passing like, "Wow, 'he' is looking a lot bigger now," and stuff like that. If she ever asks me if I know how it's getting bigger I'll just play it off like I didn't even realize that it is bigger...it's worked for me thus far. ;)


Of the 4 or 5 women I have had sex with post Penis Enlargement gains (5 before) I have not had ONE complain either. In fact, they've all enjoyed my size. Some verbally acknowledged it and some didnt. BUT, you can tell when a woman is enjoying herself regardless.


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When I try to push it all the way in most girls back away from it, and try to not let me use all of my length , that's when I hold them down and make them take it, and then they love it, I've had a couple squrit when I do this!

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