Hatchet attack as family outing


Jun 3, 2003
Hatchet attack as family outing
Dunn Daily Record |
"A family of four was arrested Sunday after one of them allegedly hit a Coats man with a hatchet while trying to collect on a $100 debt. Trent Woodson Jones, 23, is at Duke Medical Center in Durham recovering from his injuries, which Sheriff Larry Rollins said were not life threatening... 'They struck him with the hatchet,' Sheriff Rollins said. 'Hit him one time with the blade side and one time with the hammer side.' ... Arrested were David Gary Turlington, 45, of 523 Crawford Road in Coats, his son Gary Molnar, 27, of Havelock, plus Mr. Turlington’s 19-year-old daughter Amy Nicole Turlington and son-in-law Steven Michael Wagner, 26, both of Morehead City. 'They go over there as a family,' Sheriff Rollins said. 'Supposedly the Jones fellow owed Turlington $100. He goes over there with the intent of getting his money and then they commit the assault.'"

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