Has this happened to you??



First of all let me say, I'm not complaining. I used to be very tightly cut before starting Penis Enlargement a few years back. Since then...with jelqing, and hanging the skin on my shaft has gotten much looser. I still look cut when flaccid or erect but, I can pull the skin completely over my glans when erect. I can masturbate without using lube simply by moving the skin back and forth over my glans. Also looks great when a girl gives me a handjob. I have done nothing to deliberately "uncircumcise" myself. Any of you other 'cut' guys seen this happen to you? Here's a pic to show what I'm talking about.



Congrats...I guess. Im uncut so thats nothing new to me. Do you like it better this way? If so...do you regret that you were cut?
Hey, I have a total foreskin flaccid. Didn't ask for it, didn't want it, but I got it. No, I don't like it. But what can you do? Makes you be more careful to keep clean. With erection, I look circumcised, but flaccid, you would would think I was uncut. I too don't have to use lube, and I know it makes the glans more sensitive. I have even developed some moisture producing glands under the foreskin.


SWM, i was also cut very tight at about 3 years of age. Yes I remember the whole process. I was literally held down by several nurses while the Dr. whacked it off. I always hated what he had done to me. Skip to present.

I have been messing around with pe for about a year. Mostly just making mistakes.. After finding a couple of special friends about 3 months ago I got serious and have been doing everything I was told to do. In the last three months my skin has stretched until it covers more than half of my head. I wish that Dr. was still alive I'd like to show him he didn't win after all.


Since sarting Penis Enlargement I've gotten pretty close to the same thing. With very little effort I can cover the whole glans. Didn't have much choice on the circ as a kid; good Italian Catholic thing to do in those days.

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