Has anyone ever been caught?!?

Wondering if anyone has been caught Penis Enlargementing or had an ADS or ROP fall off in a bad place?



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I've been caught with a heating pad down my pants a couple times. I just played it off by saying that my quads were aching from the previous day's workout. Never been caught doing actual length or girth work.

I've also had the ROP I have around my balls fall off at the gym. Fortunately, I had just turned the corner into a vacant hallway. I knew what happened before it hit the ground, and it wasn't there a second before my had swooped down, grabbed it, and stuck it in my pocket.


I've had close calls with the ROP, never Penis Enlargement though..I ALWAYS have to be somewhere with a locked door like in my room or bathroom.
My rop fell on the gym floor during a basketball game I was playing it and I picked it up ran to my bag and put it away like it was nothing. Good thing no one asked any questions. Also one time when I was playing tennis it fell off and I just picked it up and took it to my bag, without being asked any questions. whew
I've had my ROP pop off during dinner and it scared the shit out of me. I jumped and everyone looked at me funny lol.


yea. mines always fall off, the rubber is too stretched out already, gotta replace it but I'm too lazy.


Yup, the tubing popped off when I was on a packed bus on my way to work, I actually managed to sneak down a hand down my pants without anyone seeing. Or at least I THINK noone saw it. :D


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I was jogging a few nights ago, when the ROP came off. I just reached in and grabbed it, then stuffed it in my pocket. I think it was because I had boxers on and normally wear briefs.
Ah yes, in the early days when my RoP was waaaay too tight, it was always a pleasant surprise to have it snap loose suddenly. Rubber flicking across my groin is always a pleasure :)
Worse though than when it comes off in public is when my balls decide to hibernate and the RoP is left clutching two tiny walnuts in an uncomfortable way!
My closest mishap was when I was doing physical therapy on someone and had 2 other people in the room observing my form of therapy. All of the sudden the infamous "pop" and my face of course turns a little white/red. "Umm, I will be right back I have to blow my nose."
Nobody was the wiser.
Luckily the thing didnt drop on the floor.



Damn! I though that this was going to be one of those sexy, getting caught while jacking off threads. What a disappointment.:zzboner:

If anyone has any of those you wish to share, please do. :angel:
today I've just been "caught by"my GF (on the internet)
she already knew I've been doing Penis Enlargement, but 2day I 4got 2 erase the history.....
she understands now...She's fully supportive..
yea it fell off playing bastball before, I just kinda faked tripping, grabbed the ROP, and hopped over to the grass (like twisted my ankle) slipped it in my shoe cause I had no pockets :/ uncomfortable but I went to the bathroom to fix it back up
Just about got caught today. My girl walked in my house while I was strapped in and hanging . Talk about all time quickest disassembly. I was able to get it all hidden just as she walked in the room.

Would have been hard to explain a gallon jug of water hanging off my cock. uhhh Umm he was thirsty?!?
Think about the amount of times that we visit this site, and how many times I get on my computer and Mattersofsize.com is on the history, I mean, What the hell else could that be....Im only sloppy about erasing about 1 time outta ten...but when someone sees a site worded like that, their gonna be curious....I think a lot more of our brothers, sisters, parents and spouses know about our hobby than we think.....
Covering your tracks?

Well I have a password on my account on my PC and anyone else who uses the PC has their own account (mine is the admin!!!)


Not properly. A number of times I've had the "What are you doing in there?" when I'm in the bathroom. I've also had "You should go see the doctor if you need to go to the bathroom that many times for so long" !!


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driver1973uk said:
Covering your tracks?
Not properly. A number of times I've had the "What are you doing in there?" when I'm in the bathroom. I've also had "You should go see the doctor if you need to go to the bathroom that many times for so long" !!
Same here, people start wondering what the hell your doing in the bathroom for over an hour of silence and hearing the water running(for hot wrap ) at the beginning and the end when you finally get out.


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I was wearing the ROP, and working, while helping to dig in a trench. Unknown to me the ROP fell off, and was laying on the ground in the bottom of the trench. The guy that I was helping dig the trench asked," what is that", I looked down, and there is my ROP. I picked it up and put it in my pocket, and said, " it is mine, it must have fallen off". Nothing else was said, and no more questions were asked. Needless to say, when I am going to dig, I take the ROP off.
I have never gotten caught Penis Enlargementing, because I told my wide what I was doing when I started. She is fully supportive, and even asks if I exercised today? and then moves her hand like she is jacking me off. She is most appreciative,
and so am I.


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