Hardcore Stretches w/ Pictures


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During my stretching this morning I started fucking around with different variations of the A and the V stretch . These stretches require some bold man-handling of your dick and you should proceed with caution please. Nothing fancy, and probably nothing new, I just started doing them but they feel as if they got some potential.

Like I said, these two moves are basically just the A and V stretches , only you use your whole hand for them. That's why I drew pictures, because I don't know if I'm doing a good enough job of explaining them.

For the V stretch , you use your whole palm flat down on the shaft and you can move it to different parts of the shaft, directing where you want the stress to fall. Same for the A stretch , except for that one you just grab your shaft like it was a rope handle and pull like your dick is a bow and arrow. You can really use some monkey strength on these, so watch out!! Both stretches have your other hand grasped around the glans, anchoring the stretch . It's not hard to control how much strength you want to use, and you can really hurt yourself, as with any kind of stretch , so be careful. Check out the drawings, try them out and let me know if you like them. I'll be doing them ,that's for sure. My dick looked like a stretched out noodle after this routine, I looked for it, but couldn't find my ruler to see if I got any instant results. Oh well.

If you ask me, I think the most stress lies on whatever part of the shaft that is between your two hands, so you can tailor which section of your dick you want to hit and so on and so forth.

Note: the dick length depicted in the diagrams is for the sake of clarity only... and bear no resemblance to my flaccid stretched length . Well... at least not yet! Enjoy.


Love the pics man, great work. I've used the A stretch you described on many accounts it sure does work good. Wasn't as intense as using my wrist on the ligs/base of my penis tho. On the rest of the shaft it is tho. It's what I used before I could get into the A stretch .


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Nice diagrams and methods their GodSize, reminds me of the Incredible Hulk for some reason ?:(
Anyways I may try it some time, I aint tryed that method yet.


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I was just buggin' out this morning...doing some stretches and came up with these. So I thought it would be cool to draw them and post them up. I figured, "why not?". Half of me just wanted to see if I could actually draw it, instead of trying to explain it.


Great artwork!!! Reminds me of myself!! I'll be trying these exercises tonight!! Cheers Mate!!

To Bad we don't have a Penis Enlargement cartoon/illustration forum!! I'd love to post some of my drawings, as I'm an artist/cartoonist

Nice pictures! Have a very "Marvel" feel to them.. comic fan? :)


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What do you think of those stretches , DLD? Do you think they are Penis Enlargement viable? After trying these the first time, my dick was definitely longer afterwards. After messing with them a little more, I think they are good for stretching the tunica. Just be careful you don't rip your dick in half.

The exaggerated length was used only for clarity in demonstrating how exactly to do the stretches . Plus a little wishful thinking on my part. Heh heh heh.

No, I'm not a Marvel fan anymore. I was when I was in my teens, but I no longer enjoy their bullshit comics anymore. I'm not so much into "superheroes" anymore. I like more gritty, realistic types of shit... I haven't bought a comic book of ANY kind in many years. I have gotten more into just plain ol' ART in general. I still love R. Crumb, though.


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Originally posted by ayerish
Maybe it's just me, but when I look at those I hear a cartoon rubber band stretching type noise.

I nominate a new forum for porn artwork.
..Or maybe a hobbies/interest forum. :D

One other thing I have been trying lately is doing rotations with the hand in the middle of the shaft. To early to tell if it's helping much, it's another variation for you



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very nice artwork.

BTW, i do those exercises very often, part of my 30 minutes stretching routine, but use the part in between the fingers to hold the penis in the middle...probably because my cock is not long enough

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