hard rough skin and painful stretching?


Jul 20, 2003
Ive got this hard skin that looks like its peeling near the base of my penis and it can cause a shitload of pain when im stretching

A few weeks ago i was stretching really hard and it was burning and the next day the skin was peeling and the area was all red and purple like a burn or something?

I dunno what the deal is.. what does the peeling skin mean?


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Jun 3, 2003
ahhh, I have heard this before and I also have it / get it.
I chalk it up to DRY SKIN / FLAKY SKIN from all that damn pulling and bloody jelqing I inflict upon my pride.
It hurts you say sometimes, Hydromaxmm than it sounds sensitive probably from to much pullling on it , over and over while it was dry/flaking and now its made it sore from time to time.

My advice is, apply some dry skin cream to it and than some antiseptic cream or oil to make sure no infection comes.
Take a few days off if ya want to, let things settle.

It should heal up fine.
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