As I have told you at least a few times via AIM, hanging produces results by pulling on the internal structures (mainly, and some on the skin) of the penis. This, in time stretches these structures and makes them longer. Simple stuff really. I have been hanging a total condensed time of about 2 years, and have gained about 1.5" of length from hanging so far. I dont know exactly where/when all the gains came from. 3/4" of gain came from a very intense 3 month session last year where I was hanging an average of 4 hours total per day, 6 days a week.

NOBODY can predict how long it will take you to gain however much you might like to gain, just like with any other type of Penis Enlargement, this stuff is very dependant on YOU, your efforts, and YOUR time invested.


As of next Wednesday (7/14/04) I will have been doing Penis Enlargement for two months. I started out with the newbie routine but that only lasted about two weeks. After two weeks I got staight into hanging using the Captn's Wench. So far I have gained a half inch in NBPenis EnlargementL and possibly 3/4's (Won't know for sure till I measure on Wed.)


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because it looked to me like hanging just stretched the skin
No Way!!!
Hanging has been proven for many centuries long before we started trying it, this stuff has worked time and time again for getting the penis structures into a bigger state, but it takes time and alot of work by you.