Hair MONSTERS on this forum. How do you get a haircut?


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Jan 6, 2023
Just curious what all the hair monsters (brothers with fast growing hair) on this forum do, when they need a haircut?

Right now my hair is like a winter cap. It gets so warm.

Previously I just cut away my hair with a hair clipper at home. But now I'm contemplating what to do? It's nice with hair, and I believe I look more friendly. Random people are more friendly when I have hair.

A hair cut is around 50.44 USD where I live, and I need to get one every month, because my hair grows so fast. At this price it's not worth it for me. Either I remove the hair with a hair-clipper (buzz-cut);

or I teach myself to cut my own hair professionally (a real hair cut). This is actually possible, there are many good videos on YouTube that teaches this. You also lose so much time just sitting in a chair at the barber. Time you could put into penis enlargement.

- What do you personally do, when you need a haircut (I'm just curious)?
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