Gypsies still marrying off their young girls


Jun 3, 2003
Gypsies still marrying off their young girls
London Observer |
"Regina smiled shyly at the banter in the tiny front room of their house on the outskirts of Bucharest. Beside her, looking nervous, stood her husband of one day, 19-year-old Cristofer. This was the second time 14-year-old Regina had met him since her father sold her to his family for $3,000... The legal age of consent for a girl in Romania is 15 and for marriage 16, but Regina is a gypsy, and the rules are largely ignored by her people - or have been. Last year Florin Cioaba married off his 12-year-old daughter, Ana-Maria, in a flamboyant ceremony in the Transylvanian town of Sibiu. When the girl appeared to leave the ceremony in distress, the world's media was outraged. She later claimed she had only gone to the toilet, but few were convinced."

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