Greyhound rider leaps onto freeway


Jun 3, 2003
Greyhound rider leaps onto freeway
Sacramento Bee |
"A Greyhound bus passenger who wanted off of a Los Angeles-bound express removed an emergency window and leaped onto Highway 101, landing in the freeway's fast lane with only a few scrapes and cuts. The southbound bus was traveling at 55 mph when Fidel Cueva, 41, of Ventura jumped near the Santa Clara River Bridge at 5:27 p.m. Monday. Cueva hit the freeway, rolled and came to rest in the fast lane... 'For whatever reason, this gentleman wanted to get off the bus at Ventura. So he chose to jump out the window,' Reid said... 'We do stop in Ventura on other schedules, but not this one,' Greyhound spokeswoman Kim Plaskett said."

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