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Thought I would start a new thread in this forum. Subject is sex toys. Do you have any that you are bold enough to admit you have and use? I have one called a "FleshLight ". It's got a soft gel insert that feels pretty damn close to the real thing but, obviously nothing can completely (not that I know of anyway) duplicate the real thing. Gel insert is encased in a hard plastic casing. Resembles an overgrown FleshLight with both end caps on. Best $40 I've spent in a while. Have had it for several months and, although I dont use it very often, it DOES help during the "dry spells". Pics>>



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Jun 3, 2003
How does it look with the cap on? Has anyone ever found out what that was? I have thought about getting one of those, but don't need it...yet. I guess whenever I hit a dryspell I'll go for it.

The only that I have that my be considered a sex could be my penis pump. I came the first time I used it. LOL
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