Got the "You're Bigger" from the wife!


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Aug 31, 2003
"Got the "You're Bigger" from the wife!"
Hey guys,

Started NPenis Enlargement awhile back (about a month now). I spent two weeks working out 5 on 2 off. First week only sorta counts as it was a lot of trial and error and experimenting with what I liked and didn't like. Not to mention devouring info and adjusting as I learned.

My lig's got very sore so I took about three days off until the discomfort subsided. Over worked them on day and didn't want to risk injury. Being new wasn't quite sure how much soreness was bad soreness you know? So that most of the third week.

My work schedule was dramitically altered after my first week and it has been a HUGE adjustment. Barely see the wife. Needless to say, our intimate encounters suffered.

She knows all about my venture into NPenis Enlargement. As I said here before she supported me 100% as something I wanted to do but held strongly to her position that I had a great size, shape, etc. and not to do it on her behalf.

Hopefully this doesn't come out like some porn story, just trying to paint the picture of how it happened...

We had a couple "quickies" but nothing much. So this weekend we finally had some time together. We spent a good deal of it teasing and playing. We're NASCAR fans and watch the race together every Sunday, often lying on opposite ends of the couch. As she so often does, she snaked her feet up into my crotch. Her toes and feet played and messaged and I got about half hard.

After a little while she looked up and said, "Are you all right? You usually get rock hard by now?" I just smiled and shrugged, "Maybe it's my workouts."

She was little disappointed until I explained that isn't that I was any less excited by her actions just that my penis is growing accustomed to more stimulation. That satisfied her, in fact it intrigued her! She flipped the blanket back and deftaly worked my boxers with her toes until she had me completely exposed.

After a little bit I was rock hard (hey feet are a soft spot for me). She keep trying to "pinch" my shaft between her toes and finally said "Humph..." But despite my persistance, she wouldn't expand. As is usual, the teasing subsided and we went back about our day.

That night, however, was a different story. She was seriosuly turned on and very exploritory of my cock. Touching it, moving it around, squeezing it, etc. "You're bigger." She said. "Wider I guess you'd say. I was thinking it this morning when you didn't slip between my toes as easily. Now that I'm getting a good feel and look, you're definately wider. Maybe even a bit longer"

"Nah..." I honestly didn't think I had made any real gains yet. My flaccid size had noticebly increased but that is a fickle judge.

We debated it for a while and I said "Okay if you say so." I thought maybe our separation her previous knowledge of my workouts might be causing some sort of subconcious thoughts.

Until she took me in her mouth. She swallowed me full a couple times, rose up and said, "Yep, you're bigger." She's always sank clear to my belly, but there in the light it was obvious by her salivia and lipstick that she looked to be about a 1/4" short.

So for the first time since starting I measeured the next day. Sure enough, I have about 1/4+" gain in girth and a solid 1/4" gain in length . Matched the mouth marks estimates perfectly!

Now going into my fourth week I'm so happy. I have a lot more to go to achieve my goals, but even if for some reason I "hit a wall," I know NPenis Enlargement works!

Last night she went so far as to say, "You know, this whole size thing is kind of fascinating."

Thank DLD and all the other GREAT contributors here that have shared so much awesome information and advice!

I'll post my current routine in another thread as this one has gone way beyond long enough!
Sep 19, 2003
"Got the "You're Bigger" from the wife!"

I love the new measurement method!

"New Measurement Method Discovered By Rabid Nascar Fans!"

Honey, put some lipstick on and get on your knees. It's time for another measurement.

Fantastic! Great to hear about your gains!

-- Jason

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