Got my first client!

Well, as a few of you know I recently opened up a home-based computer consulting business. It's been very hard to get my name out there to the public but am having limited success. Anyway, I've been open for about 5 days now and got my first call! It was just a minor software fix, but its a start. Just had to share with all my Penis Enlargement brothers :)
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I have often thought about doing something like that, on the side but I guess I worry TOO much about a problem I couldnt handle.

BTW I used to live in Norfolk, and weekend in VA Beach. Great area Newport News.
With computers, there is never a problem you can't handle. Just reformat if you run into one! lol

How long ago did you live around here? Its changed much for the worse in the past 5 years. Population has nearly tripled in the newport news area! To quote my military neighbor who just moved here from LA... 'This is the worst congestion I've ever seen.' Kinda tells you something :(


Hey I was checking out your site and it looks really great. I don't know how to do this but custom computers appeal to a lot of people. I looked at your different computer packages and they look really great. Make sure that you let them know that they can have other stuff than that. When I shopped for a computer I didn't neccesiarily wanted the 80 GB hard drive, I wanted a 20 GB. Or if I know that I won't need the top of the line processor I can save money by just downgrading. Giving your customers those options are extremely appealing, especially if poeple want an alternative to Dell, Alienware, and the other mainstream brands.


Oh, and another thing. That first picture in the products section of the computer and monitor needs something else to it. You might try a more high tech slick looking case and maybe some badass speakers positioned around it. And if the mouse and keyboard look cool, put those in too. If you ahve a black monitor or neon lights for the case that would look good too. For me, these small subtle details really helped out a lot.

Another thing is, Dell and Alienware and other computer retailers have a custom computer maker thing. If you could set that up and charge an extra fee that would be great.

What you need to do is appeal to all types of consumers. In order to get the uneducated computer buyers you need an extremely flashy and good looking site as well as set packages which are explaned, I think you've accomplished that. Then there are the consumers who know about computers and what they want to buy. For them, you need to present custom computer options in which they can tailor their PC to their needs. In some of your packages, these people will not care to have a 120 GB hard drive if they just need to play games and other elementary tasks. That is where people will be tyring to save money and you need to present options.



Built my own pc too, many advantages to getting ripped off by some salesmen trying to sell you shit you dont need.
Good luck with the business bro, they are hard to get rolling once you start out all the overheads etc remember the first 3 years of a business is always a struggle, youll get there though.

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