Got at least 7" of length? READ THIS!!



"Got at least 7" of length? READ THIS!!"
Here's whats up. I'm having a contest over the next few days at my Yahoo Group! It will end on Friday. SuBathmateit your best TWO pictures OR, send me an
email with your best TWO pictures attached.
I will pick the picture I think is the better of the two. I ask for
two pics to help weed out any potential scammers. If you post your
contest entry pics in the Photos Area, PLEASE re-name the pics
something like "Contest1/Contest2" or, "entry1/Entry2". The winner
will have HIS picture uploaded to the front page and it will stay
there for the next MONTH! That's right, YOUR dick will be on the
front page of this group! How's that for bragging rights? The
contest kicks off today! Good luck!

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