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Dec 10, 2003
I've been having some issues with some of the more intense exercises and it has caused some problems with my skin and I'm having some sensitivity issues in the tissues. I'm on the edge of some big gains, I can feel them coming, so I'm a little anxious to fix these problems. The skin problem is little tears I've gotten from clamping, and I'm sure the everyday stretching didn't help the healing process, it feels like a big mess, at least a few days ago it was pretty bad. I'm going backwards, I'm starting the heck over, and making sure my unit is ready for more intense work down the road. DLD spent six months on a modified newbie routine, I spent six weeks, with a mimimal amount of gain to show for it, because I was looking at it as something too easy/simple. I hurried through, and I've gotten good gains so far, but I know it's not because of consitency, I've got some kind of issue every other week, I've had maybe three straight uninterrupted weeks of Penis Enlargement, and otherwise it's been two, three, maybe even five days, and then having to take four or five off for some kind of brusiing or fatigue. I want to gain and to get bigger and be consistent, so I'm going to work up to it. Back to the newb routine for me.

If you are struggling with some of these same issues I urge you to evaluate yoursefl and the progress you've made so far, and be honest with yourself, are you really ready to step up to the next level??? I'm not questioning anyone on their work ethic or desire, but to honestly look at themselves and simply evaluate their progress relative to the time spent, and that's where I came to my conclusion.