Jul 23, 2003
I place the average penis size at 5.75 x 4.75.
I know everybody in here wants to smash the average and not only that, be ridiculously large. After reading DLD's thread about perspectives on size, I realized that the huge dicks out in the world are mostly 8-9 inches. Not only that, girth is much more important.

If have a penis that is twice the size of an average penis, where can you go wrong?

Here are the volumes of several penis sizes that are just over twice the average.

5.75 x 4.75 = 10.324
7.25 x 6 = 20.770
8.6 x 5.5 = 20.702
7.9 x 5.75 = 20.785

These are probably easier to achieve sizes than what many of you have goals for.

Lets take a look at common goals

8 x 6 = 22.918
9 x 6 = 25.783
8 x 6.5 = 26.897
9 x 6.5 = 30.259 just under 3 times the size of average
9 x 7 = 35.094
10 x 7 = 38.993 almost 4 times the size of average

DLD commented that every time he found a penis about the size of 8 x 6 he considered it huge both in how it looks and how it struck him. What I am saying, is you can set lower goals, get done with Penis Enlargement faster, and still be a fucking stud. I think too many people obsess and want HUGE dicks. It is not going to save you and I don't believe it will even give some of you guys the security that you think it will. There are deeper psycholocial problems that many of us suffer from. Quit obsessing fellas, get your big dick, and move on with life. HUGE dicks are not going to make sex that much fun IMO. I love to fuck like a rabbit and fit everything inside for maximum pleasure. Its not just the woman's pleasure, it is yours.


Jan 19, 2004
Out of the four major surveys, only one was below 6" length by 5" girth for average size. So we'll use that instead.

That's 11.94 cubic inches. An 8x6 measurement is a little under double the average, but who cares? We want it and have the ability to strive for getting it. It's not just about getting a bigger dick too, in the meanwhile it helps your actual ability in reproduction. It helps your ability to keep an erection longer. You can be ready to go ahead and fuck like a rabbit again just a few minutes after finishing round 1. A lot of people seem to overlook these benefits of Penis Enlargement.

There are people that use bodybuilding and wind up having less than 1/4 the body fat of the average person. I wouldn't comment to them that they are overdoing it at all.


Jul 23, 2003
most polls are off because men measure themselves and they always add a little bit. the polls where a 3rd party measured showed a smaller average penis size.


Jul 25, 2003
i disagree with you Synthetic - of course if you have psychological problems a big dick won't cure that

but ever since increasing my size, from 6 to 7, there has been a huge boost of confidence

it used to be i was ashamed of having a small dick on flaccid, but now i sometimes catch my self parading around and grabbing my dick in public

i think this give you much more confidence with fine women, i've always had the looks and the smooth talk - but having a bigger dick gives me more confidence to approach a lady if i'm wearing shorts and i have an obvious bulge, you know ?


Few guys on any of the forums I've been on over the last 5 years...have had goals of bigger than 8x6. That doesnt exactly fit into the "rediculously large" category. Far from it. Sure, it's 2"+ bigger than average on length and 1.5"ish bigger than average girth depending on what survey you consult.

For me personally, I just want to be huge. Not to boost my confidence...dont need that, nor to fill some "void" in my life. I just want to do it for the sake of being huge. I do not feel obsessed either. I have a specific goal in mind. I also have prior experience making gains ...and based on the knowledge gained from that prior experience, know how to reach my goals and when I can reach them (this year). It will require me to hang 4-5 hours a day of total hang time, 5 days a week. I will be able to do so because I will begin working at 5pm and later with my new job. I have plenty of time on the weekends to "live". Besides, after this year, I wont need the time for hanging anymore as I will be finished.

I've yet to meet another man who was so engulfed with Penis Enlargement that he had no life, or that it was having some huge, detrimental effect on his personallity or anything else for that matter.


Its a marathon, not a sprint!
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Jun 3, 2003
I myself aint obsessed with pe , hence I never really was consistant cos I wasnt that bothered.
Me just wanted to be massive ....... I aint needing any portion of my life filling up either with a larger middle-wicket .... I just want a massive cock, I have NO GOALS.....I just keep going, I will always pe now and again , its like exercise to any other part of the body tome, I will exercise my cock too ... who knows what my final stat may-be? I aint got a goal, but I suppose I may be talking shit, I wouldnt mind oneday having 9/10 inches length .... but that will come, I aint gunna have a breakdown over it .... I am already miles over average , my sex style is great and I am a good person ... I get with the women easy too.
Many guys started this cos they were aware of their smaller knobs, well I am a EXCEPTION, I NEVER searched it out ........ I found it by accident on a porn site oneday .. came across the hacked passwords for a paysite , I tried it grew and thought yes ... its another exercise for me todo.


Oct 25, 2003
self improvement, I have found something at this site and others that many guys don't know. which means that it really will make me stand out from average, which is what i like.

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