girthwork, swelling

Today I did 20-25 minutes of girthwork, Mostly dry jelqing at 70-90% erect and a few Ulis. I got pretty swelled up after that workout (i've been doing 10min girth workouts before this one). Is this a good sign? I got some red spots too, But I get those pretty often but this is the first time in a long time i've gotten swollen.
damn, this is nice, it's still swollen after almost 10 hours I would guess :) :)
yea swellign shows you did a good workout, keep at what you're doing, and don't stop, and you can see your swelled state be your normal state


I didn't start gaining (girth) until I was able to swell to larget sizes after a jelqing and squeezing workout, i.e., keep doing what you're doing.


Keep up what your doing, that is what you strive for in exercises.

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