Girth Routine


Sep 21, 2003
So far i have gained length but no girth, if any veterans could tell me a good girth routine so i could gain a half inch to an inch, that would be awsome. I found that if i used an elastic band on the base of my penis to keep the blood in, covered the rubber band with my left hand and added aditional squeeze, used my right hand to slowly jelq from base to head, then wen i reached the head stretch my penis as far as it will go for about 10-15 secs (str8 out, up, down, left, right) i experimented with this for bout a month seen very good legnth gains, so if anyone could help me gain girth that would be nice.
(currently 10" BPenis EnlargementL, 6" Girth at base 5.75" at middel, lookin for 6.5 girth at middel of shaft, lots of pics and webcam for those who would like to see)
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