Stop working out or continuing working out, when your dick gets covered with red spots while jelquing/squeezing etc?

Big gainers experience with this?
I continue on when I get the little red dots...after a while they'll stop appearing, as your penis will adapt the pressure created when forcing blood into the penile chambers.


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I carry on also, but the talk of the town is ya should rest.....its upto the person, but I myself work on, even when I get a massive Black spot [VERY RARE] I carry on, as-long as theirs no pain than I see no point to stop.

Take a hot wrap or shower and than add some cold wraps to it afterwards to help heal it [I belive this heals it - has done with me anyways!].

I carry on but I really shouldn't because my dick gets covered in them, but I see that as a sign of a good girth workout.


Thanks for the quick replies. I have used the girthbusters/supras slammers only for fast girth results. The reason why I wonder so much about this is because of the folowing:

I have (re)gained EG: +0.5cm this month. I meassured three days after last workout and I am actually bigger than before, wieehoo. Question is how much of this is swelling and not. I am up to EG: 4.5" (11.5cm) EG again, after I had my Penis Enlargement break. When I quitted I actually became smaller than my starting size EG:4.4" (11cm) Down to 10.7cm

This has has happened before. Maybe it's a sign the blood cells are weakened due to the damage? Following question to the big girth gainers:
Have you stopped your routine for more than a month/year and kept your girth gains?


I'm not really a big gainer (1" EL and .625" EG) but I have had a few breaks. Every time I take an extended break, I lose some, but not all, of my gains. This is just because you haven't cemented them yet. Do a maintenance routine to cement them. If you have to take a break, as I will this summer because of privacy issues (I'm going back to my parents' house this summer), at least try to get in a basic routine when you can. Doesn't have to be intense, maybe just jelqing for a few minutes in the shower and stretching when you go to the restroom. That's my plan for this summer anyway.


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