girth progress


Hi Everyone,

I measured girth today and it is now 5.75", up .25" from 5.5"(starting). This is 2.5 months into Penis Enlargement. I am also now 2" wide. I am not sure my starting width, probably something like 1.75". I am going to step up more girth work, now 3 jelq sessions each day. I want to be like REDZULU with massive girth, 7"+ and 2.5" wide is my eventual goal. I hope to reach 6" by june. Thanks for the comments on my last pics, it is really motivational.

Damn 5.75 is really huge! Nice work man! I now believe that 5.75 is when the cock actually starts to look like a fat one.


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Man you cock and balls looks identicle to mine exactly like identical!! Great job man, I never thought I would have cock twin out there!!