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Jun 4, 2003
Alright, now I was thinking about this last night. The best way (I believe) to expand the penis chambers to the max, is to clamp off all the surrounding spaces. (I've included pictures for this). Now my question is:

If I clamp off all of my penis except for the section i want expanded, and do it for each "section" of my penis would I be canceling out the work I've already done?

Hard to understand I know, but check out the pictures. Hopefully they'll help.




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Jun 3, 2003
cool, I catch ya drift.
Ya using Horse Squeezes and working ya way up the whole shaft making sure each part within say 1 inch is engorged to the max?

If so than its a GREAT idea.
I cant see it cancelling anything out, cos once the cells are enlarged over time they will grow simple as.

I would try this with a clamp on at the base, FULL erection kegel and tighten the thing up so theirs 3/4 clicks showing, than do this.....Sweller thing ;)

Be careful, you wont need to sqeeze real hard cos the clamp will be holding the blood in, you will FEEL the chambers expand its a great sensation....I done summut like this AGES ago....bare in mind it will give ya a ton of red spots at first.

So do either as I say above or your way, but keep a GOOD erection at all times, and hold the squeeze for say minimum of 10 seconds, go upto 20 seconds or more - upto you , but I would do at least 10 secs' each squeeze.

Give this 4/6 weeks and you should see results.
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