Girth/jelqing problems (again)


Oct 11, 2003
Hey fellas :)

I've become more worried about my girth, gains are just not coming. I admit I do a lot less jelqing than stretching but that's because I find it a lot harder. It takes longer to 'set up' and I have real trouble staying erect for long enough, I have to keep stopping to stimulate myself more.
Also my dick can't seem to take jelqs . I know some of you guys probably do 1000 a day; I can barely do 100 really good jelqs without my veins screaming for help.

Would you please give me some other girth exercises other than the standard/super jelq ? I don't know if there's a list with most of the exercises on this site but I, and I think others, would really find it helpful.

Oh, and I also do the Constrictor. I love doing that section of the routine because I get to pleasure myself ;) but I'm worried about what it's doing to my penis. Specifically, the veins. Although many guys and girls love a really veiny dick, I'm not sure if I want mine to be like that. Is there any way I can gain girth without making my veins swell out really far?

Thanks, and good luck with your gains :)


Check my signature...look at the Short Jelq and also at the link to the Generic Viagra site. The stuff is so damn cheap but works just like the name brand V. I use it during my girth are a few other guys now and I love it. I can stay as erect as I want to. Very little stimulation required. Also look into two handed squeezes, Horse 440s, etc. DLD's girth busters, and Girth Bends are other ideas.
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