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Hi guys im fairly new to Penis Enlargement and im trying to gain more girth can someone tell me some really good techniques for doing a good girth routine or can someone point me in the right direction.

Would be greatfull for any advice
6" EL
5.25 EG
Your beginning numbers are like mine (6" NBPenis EnlargementL and 5.25" MSG). I think you need to do about 20 minutes of jelquing for five days a week for about a month. After building up, begin DLD's Girth Busters. I am currently doing the Busters and my dick is really sore after working out.


Where can i get videos of the techniques used in the Girth Busters Routine i dont really understand the DLD Dual Jelq, or the DLD Bends.

Can anyone help me please.
I couldn't agree more with MBW. If you're serious about Penis Enlargement, then subscribe to MOS. It's the best 50 bucks you'll ever spend.

I know that I've put a lot of work into it besides 50 bucks, but so far, from that knowledge, I've gained .25 in both areas(length and girth) in not even 2 months.
As a newbie you should just do a basic jelq and stretch routine for a while to get used the new stress. After that I agree with the others here: either browse this forum and read things thoroughly or sign up to MOS.

I have a decebt girth routine going on now that started out as a variation on the Girth Busters. Just do dry jelqs, reverse dry jelqs and ULI's in trisets (20 reps dry jelq, 5 reps reverse dry jelq, and 30 second ULI) for about 15-20 min. Then add some lube and do alternating sets of wet jelqs, Ferrari's head squeeze and caterpillars for about 10 min. Works wonders but it's not for the beginner.

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