Girls Spend 3 Years in Rape Cell


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Two Russian girls have been rescued after being kidnapped, imprisoned in a cellar and beaten and raped for 1/2 years, resulting in three pregnancies, prosecutors said.

The two, who were aged 14 and 17 when they went missing in October 2000, were rescued from a cellar in the town of Skopin, where a 53-year-old worker in a machinery plant has been charged with their abduction.

Senior deputy prosecutor Irina Sablina said: "One of the freed hostages is in the eighth month of pregnancy. The older girl already had two children by him, giving birth to two boys in 2001 and 2003."

She said it was thought the suspect had abandoned the babies and neighbours had put them in an orphanage.

From the New Zealand Herald, 7 May 2004

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