Get a Grip

Hello everyone, as some of you may know, I've been an advocate of using golf gloves to provide a better grip for stretching for several months now. The soft leather of the golf gloves provide a tremendous grip and help to attain more intense stretching power then one could obtain without the gloves.

Recently my gloves had begun to detiorate, and I'd begun to lose some of the friction in my stretching . Being a little short on cash, and not particularly wanting to spend the $14-$16 to buy a new pair of golf gloves, I went to Wal-Mart in search of a substitute. What I stumbled across was a very, very affordable and very effective substitute.

I'd heard several members talk about using latex gloves and the amount of grip that it provided, so i went to the home cleaning section in search of some latex gloves. I decided on a pair of "Playtex" Living gloves that cost a measely $3 and some change with tax. I went straight home and tried the gloves out, and to my surprise they worked even better then the golf gloves had when they were brand new.

These gloves have small little "dimples" for lack of a better word on both the palm and the fingers which provide a perfect amount of traction for any type of stretching you could think of. I definately suggest everyone go out and fork over $3 and give these a shot, you'll be glad you did. One suggestion I might make, is use the sizing guide on the back of the box to figure out what sie you need and buy one size smaller then that to ensure a tight fit. The snugger the fit the better you'll be able to stretch .
Yes, only these are Playtex brand.
I personally like it better then baby powder...although I might give these a shot with baby powder also...although I'm liable to rip my dick off if I do that. :p