Gardai scandal rocks Ireland


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Jun 3, 2003
Gardai scandal rocks Ireland
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"The official report read like a screwball comedy: an attention-craving woman pretending she's an IRA spy, two detectives lying their way to glory on the strength of her fantasies, and incompetent commanders failing year after year to notice anything fishy. The findings of investigating judge Frederick Morris published Thursday shocked much of Ireland. The justice minister, Michael McDowell, called it 'the darkest day' in the history of the Garda Siochana, the Irish police force... [Beginning about a decade ago] Detective Inspector Kevin Lennon and Detective Noel McMahon were being lauded for finding a half-dozen caches of explosives and weapons components - all supposedly achieved by cultivating an Irish Republican Army mole, Adrienne McGlinchey. But Thursday's report called the detectives chronic liars and said their commanders should easily have identified the mole as a Walter Mitty-like fantasist... all of the alleged IRA finds were manufactured by the two detectives... The judge said the stuff was junk which the two detectives would confiscate before other police could inspect it. 'None of the objects, of a rocket-like and tripod-like kind, which the tribunal has seen could possibly pass scrutiny from an experienced ballistics specialist,' Morris said."