Gain Potential with low LOT



Jun 8, 2003
Is gain potential with low LOT lower or it just takes more time and different approach to grow?
Anybody noticed that after some tunica work the LOT get higher (it should in theory)?


I personally believe the "LOT theory" only tells you what your gain potential in each area "may be". I think if you bust your butt and just stretch you will make gains regardless of your "LOT". The A stretch and V stretches are great for hitting the tunicae.


Well if I get the theory right....higher LOT guys like myself (I'm around 9) supposedly have more gain potential from the ligs than a guy with a lower LOT. Guys with lower LOT supposedly have less to gain from the ligs. This is where I've always had an issue with this whole "theory". There are many more factors involved in making gains in either area...ligs or tunicae than just where your ligs are attached on your penis and your "LOT". Factors such as flaccid penis girth, upper body strength (assuming youre doing manual work), and your tissue elasticity. These factors are all different for all of us. We all start with different sizes, and levels of physical strength. Even if youre only using weights, tissue strength and flaccid girth are still factors. I really dont beleive that anyone can predict how much you can gain based on some theory. Basing what type of stretching you will do soley based on a theory that is very broad in criteria is a very limiting thing to do to yourself. Again, I think if you bust your ass and just do the work, you will see some results. You may gain better than Joe ScHydromaxoe (me) or not as well as me depending on how much work you do, how much resistance you can apply, and how well your tissues respond to the resistance applied. You may need to work harder to see results than some guys do or, you may not have to work as hard as some guys do. Again nobody can tell you what will work for have to determine that for yourself through trial and error. Another factor is workout consistency. How often you work the tissues. So, spending most of the time you could be investing in Penis Enlargement on stressing out over which theory is right according to what worked for Joe, Sam, and Steve (Me, DLD, and Jaz in real life ) and wondering if you should base what you do Penis Enlargement wise on this probably not the best idea. Sure, it's nice to see what other men think. I love sharing ideas and reflecting on the latest trends and cookie cutter type scenarios....those things only work for everyone in a perfect world though. I'm not saying the LOT theory is total bunk as, I have used it in the past and gained well with it but, it should not be your limiting factor in your Penis Enlargement efforts.
I wonder if Salem thought about his LOT much? ;)
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