Funny Sex Stories

Apr 18, 2004
Let's share some funny sex stories...I have a couple....

OK, so there was this one time, I was getting it on with this really fine young lady. She was very attractive, with long red hair, huge boobs and a very shapely, narrow waist. We were really going at it, and decided to do it doggy style. So I get behind her and start ploughing into it, when I look down and notice there was a peice of toilet tissue stuck to her pootie hole. I didn't want her to get embarassed and maybe end the sex session early, so I kept stroking into her and tried to pluck the 🙈 out of her butt without her noticing. I did pluck it out without her noticing, but it still makes me laugh when I think about it. I guess I could have ignored it, but there was something about that little bit of 🙈 stuck to her brown eye that really bothered me at the time!


When my oldest son was about seven, my wife and I decided to get jiggy with it while he was outside playing one afternoon. We really got down and dirty that day, and then laid next to each other afterwards, all sweaty and just trying to catch our breath. All of a sudden, my son busts into the room. He was all excited and was like, "MOM! MOM! Guess what so and so did outside?!?" He kind of crinkled his nose then and got this weird look on his face and said, "Sniff-sniff! I smell chicken!" That has been our private little joke ever since! Whenever we are done fucking and laying in bed all sweaty, my wife will laugh and say, "I smell chicken!"