Fs Restoration???

There are several reasons you may wish to restore your foreskin. The foreskin covers and protects the glans of the penis. After restoring, you will be able to experience a wider range of sexual sensations, more than a circumcised man can feel. It is a fact, back up by medical research. I have found, from keeping my glans covered, that I can actually feel my wife's orgasms now from inside her, and I enjoy sex so much more now. I do not cum as quickly as I used to, and can have sex more than once if I want to, just because it feels so pleasurable. You may want to restore for aesthetic reasons. Some may think that a cut cock looks better, but I do not. To me, a circumcised penis, with its absent foreskin and C-scar, looks ugly. I think natural looks better, but that's just me. You can do restoration to correct an overly tight circumcision. Circumcision is just cosmetic surgery performed on babies, and they do get botched up, leaving some men with too little skin to grow into. This can result in a curved penis (reference my pics and the pics of blabla and a couple other guys in the picture proof section) hairy shaft, turkey neck and even erectile disfunction. Restoration can also help with your Penis Enlargement. By adding more skin to your penis, you give yourself more room to grow into more quickly. Circumcision has no medical benefit. All the myths about circumcision being better are just that...myths, and every commonly held belief about it has been debunked by medical research. It is not healthier or cleaner. It does not prevent cervical cancer or urinary tract infections, nor does it cure masturbation. As far as what women prefer...well, only about 15% of the world population is circumcised, and woman like uncut cocks just fine everywhere else. It is just a matter of what a woman is used to, although I can say that my wife finds intercourse more comfortable now that I have a little play in the shaft. I was cut horribly tight, and so I am a little biased, but everything I have experienced so far from restoring my foreskin has been positive. I just wish it would go a little faster. Every time I get a little more skin, my dick grows to take up the slack...
Reading all these good things from you kong, I'm highly debating on starting some foreskin restoration of my own. What all do you do to restore yours? The T-Taping? Or do you have some certain routine that you do?
There are alot of positive aspects to foreskin restoration. The only two negatives that I have really seen is 1) it takes so damn long! Something like a year to 3 years for complete restoration...and 2) I cannot stand for the head of my penis to be exposed now that the callous has sloughed away from it. It is really uncomfortable to feel it rubbing against my clothing all day if I forget or do not have enough time to do my t-taping.

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