Frustrating PE

Donneee c

Jan 30, 2019
Maybe I’m just worries but I feel like if I tried to use for 10-20minutes it would go numb. I don’t wanna do anything that would set me back so if anyone has any ideas or whatever. I would appreciate it.


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Jun 3, 2003
@Donneee c you dont need to only use the hanging barrel that comes with the LM .

The LM is the Power Assist , just with this hanging attachment incl to help with hanging , and bundle -type stretching .

It has so many stretches to do by simply putting the penis through the hole, that is it! the glans should be fine.

See the power assist section Power Assist Forum

Also this thread, try watching videos in the Windows Media format not QuickTime as they are not working

This thread great as well

Questions, comments fire away
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