French mad cow problem 300x worse than admitted


Jun 3, 2003
French mad cow problem 300x worse than admitted
Medical News Today |
"France had a BSE epidemic and did not detect it. A report by French Government researchers says that nearly 50,000 severely infected animals entered the food chain. The Institute of Health and Medical Research, France, said that over the past thirteen years there have been 300 times more cases of BSE than official figures suggest... Over a twenty year period – 1980 to 2000 – 301,200 cows were infected with CJD in France... 47,300 severely infected cows entered the food chain before 1996. Between the years 1996-2000 1500 more animals entered the food chain (with advanced BSE). During the 1991-2000 period the French authorities relied on farmers and veterinarians to report cases of BSE. Official figures during this period stated that only 103 cows were infected. Controls became more stringent after the year 2000. Since then there have been another 820 'officially confirmed cases.'"

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