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Jun 21, 2004
"Franky's Diary"
I have been dabbling in Penis Enlargement for a long while now but have never made any real gains cause I never made a program. I did gain 1cm in length a while back but over the months of no Penis Enlargement training it is gone again.

Now I am going to make a plan and try to stick to it.

I am following DLD's newbie routine with the following modifications:


100x quick kegles
5x 20sec kegles

Alternating Days:

Day 1. Stretches in every direction 30 sec + Crank. - Repeate all once

Day 2. 200 Jelqs

Everytime I pee I will stretch straight out for 30 sec

I am alternating days between Jelqs and Stretches cause I find Jelqs are way too rough on me for doing every day. Also, I find that if I do one first, the other hurts, and I don't have time for two routines every day.

Another discipline I'm adding is to only measure on the first day of every month. I have found in the past that I end up measuring 10 times a day to try to make myself think I have gained. And after a few days I loose motivation cause I think it is taking too long. So for now I'm going to try to forget about size except for 1 day a month and just concentrate on the exercises. I'm even going to avoid looking at myself in the mirror or measuring with my hands, just to try to not think about it.

My measurements:

NBPenis EnlargementL 14.2 cm
EGM 11.5 cm

I will try to measure my Head and the base later but right now I can't seem to get it up.

These are the only measurements I care about.


My goal is to stick with this for 6 months and then review my progress and decide whether to stick with Penis Enlargement to reach my ultimate goal of 20cm (8in).

6 months will be up on 1st of Jan 05. Any days that I miss I will add up and add to that date (hopefully not many).

Simple but all I am trying to do is stick to it.

I feel that posting the routine publicly makes me accountable to you guys to stick to it.

I have taken photos of me now in the pre Penis Enlargement state. If I make gains in 6 months I will post before and afters.

Wish me luck,

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