Fox News admonished by British TV regulators


Jun 3, 2003
Fox News admonished by British TV regulators
Guardian |
"Fox News, the US news network owned by Rupert Murdoch, has been found in breach of British broadcasting rules... Television regulators said the broadcaster failed to show 'respect for truth' in a strongly worded opinion item, broadcast on the day the Hutton report was published... The Fox presenter, John Gibson, said in a segment entitled My Word that the BBC had 'a frothing-at-the-mouth anti-Americanism that was obsessive, irrational and dishonest'; that the BBC 'felt entitled to lie and, when caught lying, felt entitled to defend its lying reporters and executives'; that the BBC reporter Andrew Gilligan, in Baghdad during the US invasion, had 'insisted on air that the Iraqi army was heroically repulsing an incompetent American military'; and that 'the BBC, far from blaming itself, insisted its reporter had a right to lie - exaggerate - because, well, the BBC knew that the war was wrong, and anything they could say to underscore that point had to be right.'"

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