Foster parents accused of starving girl


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Jun 3, 2003
Foster parents accused of starving girl
Tampa Tribune |
"She spent a third of her young life behind a bedroom door, locked to keep her brother from sneaking in snacks. She drank milk and, three times a day, received a spoonful of food. When the authorities found her, she was 10 years old and 29 pounds... A month after child welfare workers removed the girl and her brother from the Brooksville home, authorities on Friday arrested Arthur Thomas Allain Jr., 46, and Lori Allain, 47, both of 14327 Hurricane Drive, on charges of aggravated child abuse and neglect... Authorities say the couple kept the girl locked in her bedroom from Jan. 26, 2001, to May 18... 'It's a first for me,' said Lt. Joe Paez, information officer for the Hernando County Sheriff's Office. 'I've seen pictures of the kid. It's unbelievable.'"