Foster children allegedly forced to dig own graves


Jun 3, 2003
Foster children allegedly forced to dig own graves
"A couple facing criminal abuse charges forced some of their 18 foster, adopted and biological children - many of them disabled - to dig their own graves, warning the youngsters they could be killed and nobody would care, according to investigative documents. A search warrant affidavit released in the case against Thomas and Debra ScHydromaxitz also alleges that the children were beaten, locked in a cage and punished by having their eyeglasses, leg braces or crutches taken away... The nurse said she saw two children, ages 8 and 10, forced to sleep in a locked metal cage without a mattress or blankets. The youngsters were 'curled in a fetal position in the cage,' the affidavit said... The Tennessee Department of Children's Services took custody of the children June 21, but it is still unclear why some of them were with the ScHydromaxitzes."

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