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Jun 3, 2003
Threads and Posts need to be made in the appropriate forum. If you have any confusion on this please read the section list below. I will NOT stand for any SPAM, If you SPAM your account will be banned.

Penis Enlargement Forum: Natural Penis Enlargement Discussion.

News: Non-Posting Forum (user info from admins only)

Newbie Forum: This is For The Newbies of Penis Enlargement and any questions and concerns related to penis enlargement.

Your Routines and Progress: Post your current routine and progress reports here.

Mental Penis Enlargement: Psychological P.E. • Self-View • Confidence • Emotional Support • Hypnosis

Hanging Around: This forum is for the discussion of hanging .

Body Building, Health, Fitness, Diet & Supplements: Discuss Diet, Health, Supplements and Exercise.

Alternative and Experimental Penis Enlargement Methods: This is the Forum for Experimental and Alternate Penis Enlargement Devices and Methods. ie: ROP, Pumps, Devices, etc.

Penis Enlargement Products and Reviews: For users to discuss and evaluate Penis Enlargement products and Penis Enlargement Sites. No Spam.

Getting Better with Age: The older gentleman's Penis Enlargement club

Boo Boo's and Band-Aids: Issues on Penis Enlargement Injuries and Remedies, Peyronies/Bent Penis, Premature Ejaculation & Impotence.

Picture Proof: Pictures of members penis progress.

MOS Rules & Penis Enlargement Glossary: No Posting. Information forum.

Porno Paradise: This is a place to post non-Penis Enlargement XXX material. 18+ only.

Dysfunctional Café: DLD's fucked up news and picture forum.

Deep Thoughts: General Discussion.

The Dating & Seduction Center: Tips on dating, seduction.

Sexuality: This is the place to discuss sexual issues. • Sex Tips • Sexual Help

SexyJens Picture Forum: This is the place to post sexy NON-NUDE pictures.

Erotic & Sexy Stories: Post your favorite erotic stories here.

Crazy Videos: Crazy, Sexy, Wild and Bizarre Videos from around the net.


Dec 27, 2003
doublelongdaddy said:
SPAM on a message board is people who post with the sole intention to sell a product or service. Some people try to get creative and sneaky in their delivery but rest assure my mods are vicious SPAM busters.
oh ok i get it. :p
Sep 29, 2003
doublelongdaddy said:
my mods are vicious SPAM busters.
He's not fucking kidding either. He sent us all on a 3 week training course like a boot camp and had us doing all sorts of crazy shit like painting lumps of coal white, bayoneting sandbags and killing and eating wild animals armed with only a butter knife. Dunno what it had to do with spam but damn we're pissed and looking for a target to take it out on.

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