Formerly secretive Rosicrucians back in court


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Jun 3, 2003
Formerly secretive Rosicrucians back in court
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"For more than two centuries, its members managed to maintain a veil of secrecy over their organization, but a decade ago a bitter fight over leadership led the Grand Fraternity of Rosae Crucis into a courtroom.. Now, it appears the 'Rosicrucians' are headed back to court. This time, a new wave of charges has been leveled against the group's leadership... Ronald Swinburne Clymer charges that he was wrongly denied the title of 'supreme grand master' soon after his father, Emerson M. Clymer, died in 1983, and that his right to assume that title only came to light in the past year when an anonymous source sent him a document from the Rosicrucians' 'Secret Archives' proving his inheritance."


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