Foreskin restoration and PE injury recovery


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Nov 20, 2003
Hey everyone,

as some of you know, I got a Penis Enlargement injury the other week after using an overly hot heat wrap . I've been healing sloooowly since, but taped up my dick last night with loose skin covering my head, and I'm almost completely healed this morning. Here's what I wrote over at Supra and Kong's site:

Hey everyone. I recently decided to do at least some FR for enhanced sexual stimulation after reading Supra and Kong's experiences over at MoS.

Well, a couple weeks ago I gave myself a slight burn, mostly on my head, while doing a pre-Penis Enlargement session heat wrap . After a couple days I *felt* fine, but my glans was chapped and peeling -- up to yesterday.

Last evening, I taped up my dick in the "t" formation I've seen referred to around here. I had to use a couple band-aids since I didn't have any medical or FR specific tape. This morning, I took off the tape and my head is almost completely healed! There's still a couple spots of slight redness, but there is absolutly NO dead skin, and it feels more sensitive and moist than normal. The only part that doesn't show massive improvment is right around my urethra where my skin wouldn't stretch enough to be taped down.

Anyway, that's my story. Thought you guys might want to hear.

I figure this has applications to other glans injuries and that this might be something of a global aid to its recovery.

Oh, sorry if this should have been posted in the "Boo-boos and band-aids" forum. I flipped a coin to decide which forum to put it in.