for those who are uncircumcised!


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Oct 13, 2003
I am not circumcised.

I find that because I am dry jelqing and stretching , my penis shaft is not stretching and filling as much with blood, as it would if i were circumcised.

My shaft skin, or 'foreskin', , the veins have become thicker and larger from Penis Enlargementing, my dick in general is a lil bit thicker, BUT, it is the skin which i think is getting gains, i want the actual meat, the actual penis to get thicker and veinier...

How do the rest of you who have foreskin deal with this?

Oct 5, 2003
how do you mean? make sure when you stretch that you do not just stretch the skin. you can do this by pulling back the foreskin and pulling your dick. dry jelqing is similar in that you pull back the foreskin as far as possible and use the skin to glide. the glans of the penis will fill with blood and become very smooth and big. thats a sign of you pushing blood through the shaft...
theres a lot of threads on this. search function is your friend

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