For those of us who like Fight Club


Tomorrow my GF is visiting. It kinda screws up my set routine, but I found a way around it--throught Fight Club! I had troubles growing beyond 6.5", but after doing the first two steps, I found it EASY to grow (for me (a slow grower), a little each 2 weeks). This may be great, especially for beginners! So I decided to try to start Penis Club!

The rules for Penis Club:
1) Stretch every day
3) Jelq like you feel it: You should feel the head of your penis expand every Jelq! If you don't: get a little harder and try again!
4) Enjoy it! Watch some porn if you need to. Get hard and ejoy, just don't ejaculate!
5) Only measure every 2 weeks at LEAST--4 weeks is even better!
6) If this is your first time Penis Enlargementing, be PATIENT.

For veterans: Add any rules, and SHARE. We all want to grow, so why not do it together!

I don't normally post this much, but I guess I'm just in the mood--good ol' 151 proof alcohol!! Please add any more rules to great gains for beginners/intermediates!

Good luck,
Last edited: forgot the most important rule...

"Never tell anyone about Penis Club, ever!" :p


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Fight Club! Great movie! Especially the main message it's putting through.. It can be applied to anything. Nice penis club though! Also you forgot:

"No pants, no boxers" :D


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