for supra: world's longest ball stretch?


link worked for me took a while to load and that dude can have it,looks gross to me,a girl would look at that and laugh,just my two cents rofl


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CTM hes got us both beat like babys in a cradle.

Seriosly, that is way to much, even for me, I do draw the line, even though most of you think I Dont!:D


Anybody think thats really dangerous , probably affects your chance of having kids too.


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Yeah supes.....where's this "line" you speak of.....I'm so past where my line was I've had to make a retreat into the Penis Enlargement woods just to try to find it....HAHA.....holla
Wet balls every time you've been to the bathroom, no no, that's nothing for me and for sure not for Supra as well.



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Someone please post on that board and let him know about Penis Enlargement. I mean come on, he's obviously got the dedication.....:D.....that's very strange....he's right nature has absolutely nothing to do with it.....Holla