for Redzulu - the skin thing



I know you've posted about this in the past... I have the "skin thing" happening too, so that some of my flacid length is "hidden." I haven't been too concerned about it yet, although I have done a bit of ball/skin stretching trying to get a better hang. Also, I recently built a decent pump and have used it a few times. It may just be a temporary thing, but after a short pump session the "skin thing" is noticably much better. I've also been using the "velcro wrap " wrist band all day to help improve flacid hang. You may want to give pumping a try, if you haven't already. I've only done very short maybe 5 min sessions, at a moderate vacuum no more than 5 hg. I'm theorizing that increased flacid girth "fills out" the excess skin, as you noted it's not visible erect.

Good luck,


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