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Jul 27, 2003
First off hello all! I have a question for you ....... when you are wet or dry jelqing do you pull the skin as well or just slide down the shaft? So far I have been pulling the skin down as well. Just want to make sure I'm doing this right. I have been at it off and on for 2 weeks and am already noticing length in flaccid state. Just waiting for the length in erect. Also will jelqing help in the lengthining in erect as well? Or you have to stretch flaccid to see results. Thx


Jun 23, 2003
Welcome to this forum woodstock! Jelquing has given me erect length gains, but not for everyone. If you already see flaccid gains I suppose the erect will come as well just stick to your routine.

I prefer wet jelquing or at least a little lubricant as it gives some friction to the skin. I think plain dry jelquing stretches the skin to much. Thats the case for me at least. Some people gain girth easier though, so you have to decide what works best for you. I do slide my skin, but I have also wondered how others do because you don't have to slide it. But if you don't the skin close to the base gets stretched so I guess you can't avoid it totally :)


Jun 3, 2003
When you wet jelq you slide your hand over the skin and when you dry jelq you use the skin to slide over the inner part of the shaft. If you don't want to stretch the skin too much you can jelq in 2 times one time on the lower part of the shaft (bottom to the middle) and in a second time the upper part of the shaft (middle to the head).
If you have gain in flaccid state than you will gain in erect lenght.
Have a look at the videos you will see how to perform wet jelq .

Videos of the exercices


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Jun 18, 2003
It's been a full year of Penis Enlargement under my belt (literally), yet I still feel like a retard when it comes to technique.

During a jelq , as the first hand slides up to the head, are you supposed to hold it there as the second hand clamps on for the next rep? Producing almost a mini horse squeeze kind of sensation? Or do you completely let go before the next rep?
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