For all the sad PEers...

I was thinking about Penis Enlargement today and a thought occured to me. Many guys quit Penis Enlargement for one reason or another, but really shouldn't. My idea to kill this this "nogains=Penis Enlargement doesn't work" attitude is to set a day 2 months from today. On this day, you should measure, then every 2 months measure. By measuring in an extended period, one can achieve subtle gains unseen when people measure every two weeks.


That has been my practice so far. I only plan to measure every 2 months or so. I know the temptation is strong to measure but it can be resisted. I remember reading one poster who hid or threw his ruler away to eleminate continous measuring.


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Me too, I measure say 3/4 times a year, every 4 months or so.
I am VERY near a measure test anytime soon.
Last measured in I think it was September 2003, which is like .... 7 months ago lol so way over due, but I get SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO X100000000000000000000 Nervous about it, the risk of no growth would kill I am NEVER fully erect during measurements or during the nerves let me down all the time.
Hey Red there is something else we have in common. I havent measured since May of 03. I really dont want to. I know I have made gains for sure but I want to hold out for a full year I think. How about you?

Extreme, you need to just keep plugging along believe me!! It does payoff!


I only measure when I'm fully erect, which isn't often, and frequently after a girth workout. This obviously doesn't give an accurate reading but it makes me feel good. I did this yesterday and managed to gain a full erection for a change - I hit 9.3". I know if I measured now it would be more like 8.8" but I don't care, I'm in a positive mood because of it. So I would recommend measuring this way because it's likely to buck you up and when you're happy you grow even more.

Good luck with your gains everyone.

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